‘A job that’s never dull’

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Police hiring blitz seeks officers, crossing guards, cadets, etc.
COVINGTON, Ky. – The Covington Police Department is on a hiring blitz of sorts, needing to fill positions ranging from cadet and crossing guard to full-fledged police officer.
“The job of police officer is never dull,” Covington Capt. Justin Wietholter said. “Every day, we’re called to be problem solvers and helpers, to come to people’s aid, to act as marriage counselors and peace-makers, to take advantage of scientific advances and apply those to solving crimes, and to help people endure some of the worst moments of their lives – altogether just working to collectively make the community stronger.”
As one of the largest municipal agencies in Kentucky, Covington is a full-service department that boasts:
  • A strong array of benefits. (See the link below).
  •  Opportunity to grow into positions that feature a wide array of exciting specialty roles and responsibilities, including detective, accident reconstruction expert, SWAT team member, K-9 handler, narcotics investigator, training officer, and bike officer.
  • A strong relationship with the community, given its commitment to neighborhood outreach and partnership with organizations on a daily basis.
  • A strong foundation of professionalism, it being one of those rare agencies in Kentucky that is accredited by both the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police and the international Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies Inc. (often called the “gold standard” for accrediting law enforcement). 
Details of the open positions can be found on the City’s employment page, HERE. The page includes notices for lateral entry officer, entry officer or recruit, police cadet, and crossing guard. A few details:
Lateral entry: The Department is accepting applications for officers with experience at other agencies. Pay is based on years of experience, with a Grade 6 officer receiving base pay of almost $64,000 a year.
Police officer (new recruit): The Department is accepting applications to take the next entrance exam, tentatively scheduled for October. It is the first step in becoming a fully qualified officer, and those who pass the test join a pool of candidates.
A long list of benefits for Covington’s 114 uniformed officers and of the eligibility requirements for the job can be found under the “Police Officer – Entrance Exam” listing.
Police cadet: This part-time position is open to high school graduates who are attending college or who plan to do so this fall and are interested in a career in law enforcement. “Through the cadet program, we’re basically creating a pipeline for college-age individuals to eventually become successful officers with the City of Covington,” Wietholter said. Cadets are assigned to the traffic unit and help with accidents, traffic control, and parking, and generally learn the basics of police work.
Crossing guard: This part-time position begins at the start of the school year this fall, with guards working at the beginning and end of each school day. Guards must be highly dependable and capable of working in bad weather, since the safety of schoolchildren is on the line. Benefits include longevity pay and in some cases, transportation.
“If you value justice, integrity, and compassion, we encourage you to join our team,”
Police Chief Rob Nader said.
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