Rivalry at Braxton: FOP vs. Local 38

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Friday event honors City’s first responder military veterans
COVINGTON, Ky. - With nearly 50 military veterans serving in its Police and Fire departments, Monday’s holiday will be particularly meaningful at the City of Covington.
Ahead of the solemnity of Veterans Day, however, comes the festivity:
Friday night, a public event at Braxton Brewing Co. will not only call attention to the strong tradition of military service in the City but also raise funds through a little friendly “competition.”
That is, a separate Braxton brew has been "assigned" to Covington Firefighters Local 38 and to Covington FOP Lodge #1, and the brewery will donate $1 to each organization’s support group for each of those beers sold.
For the police, it’s Tangerine Wheat. For the firefighters, it’s American Pale Ale.
The party is an annual tradition for the Covington Firefighters Auxiliary. This year, the organization decided to hold a joint event and invited the Lodge #1 Associates to help sponsor it.
“We couldn't let Veterans Day go by without saluting our own,” said Katie Woodring, president of the Auxiliary. “Before they were firefighters, a large number of Local 38 members were serving our country in the armed forces. In fact, some are still doing so today. And the FOP has just as many veterans within its ranks.”
The event is open to the public and begins at 5 p.m. at Braxton at 27 W. 7th St., with the donations from the beer sales lasting until 9 p.m. A live band - Root Cellar Xtract - will play 7 p.m.-10 p.m., and silicone pint glasses decorated with the event’s logo also will be sold.
“These glasses will sell out quickly so come early and get your hands on one,” Woodring said.
“This is a fun way to honor our veterans,” City Manager David Johnston said. “We have a strong military tradition here at City Hall, not just in the Police and Fire departments but also in the Public Works and administration. It’s pretty impressive just how many of our men and women in Covington have served our country in uniform, and we respect and greatly appreciate their service.”
As provided by the public safety departments, here is a list of veterans who serve as first responders in Covington:
Fire Department
(1st shift)
  • Ben Wasson, Army
  • John Hofstetter, Army 
  • Nick Boots, Navy
  • Brandon Kersting, Air Force 
  • Mark Ober, Army
  • Zack Williams, Air Force 
  • Joe Bowman, Army
  • Todd Wyatt, Army
(2nd shift)
  • Matt Archer, Navy
  • Ben Erdman, Marines
  • Jordan Warner, Marines
  • Jay Feldkamp, Army
  • Cornell White, Marines 
  • Stan Wylie, Army 
(3rd Shift)
  • Aaron Bolyard, Army 
  • Chris Greer, Army 
  • Kaleb Miller, Navy 
  • Dave Studer, Marines 
  • Jon Krull, Army
 Police Department
  • Joshua Bornhorn, Army
  • Robert Christen, Army
  • Jeff Cook, Marines
  • Scott Dames, Army
  • James Donaldson, Marines
  • Daniel Elsbernd, Marines
  • David Finan, Navy
  • Michael Gilliland, Army
  • David Griswold, Marines
  • Christopher Haubner, Army
  • Anthony Hill, Army
  • Phouthakone Homphothichak, Army
  • David Hoyle, Marines
  • Matthew Hugenberg, Air Force
  • Kevin Igo, Army
  • Ryan Jones, Army
  • Gregory Jones, Army
  • Marcus Jordan, Army
  • Cory Lane, Army
  • Darrell Lee, Army
  • John Mairose, Army
  • Brandon McNeese, Army
  • John Murphy, Marines
  • Brian Powers, Army
  • Robert Rose, Army/Marines
  • Brian Steffen, Army
  • Donald Strange, Army
  • Kyle Warner, Army
  • James West, Army