The City of Covington is governed by both State Law, known as Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS), and Local or Municipal Law, known as the Code of Ordinances.

City of Covington Code of Ordinances

An “ordinance” is a law or regulation formally enacted by the Covington Board of Commissioners in accordance with the terms set forth by the Kentucky Revised Statutes. Certain ordinances are arranged in a “codified” manner, meaning that they are consolidated and organized into a systematic code. 

The organization and numbering of Covington’s Code of Ordinances includes titles, chapters, and sections. Each section is self-identifying as to title, chapter, and section number. For example, Section 92.07 indicates that the section falls within Title IX (General Regulations), the chapter number is 92 (Nuisances), and the section number is 07 of Chapter 92 (Noise control). Generally, the numbering of chapters is not inclusive and often numbers are “skipped” or not assigned to account for future changes or past sections that may have been repealed.

Access the City of Covington’s Code of Ordinances here.

Kentucky Revised Statutes

Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS) is the name given to the body of laws which govern the Commonwealth of Kentucky. They are created pursuant to the Kentucky Constitution and must conform to the limitations set out in the Constitutions of Kentucky and the United States. KRS is a subject-based statutory compilation using a decimal numbering system.

Access the Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS) here.

Covington is located in State House District 64 and State House District 65 and State Senate District 23. Find your state legislator here.