Urban forestry represents and promotes the role of trees as a critical part of the urban infrastructure. Urban foresters plant and maintain trees, support appropriate tree and forest decisions and preservation practices, conduct research and promote the many benefits trees provide. 

The Urban Forestry Division manages and cares for Covington’s green infrastructure for the purpose of improving the health and quality of life throughout the city. The majority of divisions maintenance is focused on pruning and/or removal of the trees found between the side walk and the road, but extends to trees in our parks, vacant lots, and all other public green spaces.  Beyond trees our division conducts horticultural maintenance of all landscaped beds, islands, and rain gardens city wide.

Beyond daily maintenance, the urban foresters oversee the administration of the Urban Forestry ordinance, review landscaping improvements for compliance with urban forestry/landscaping regulations, conduct and oversee invasive species management in greenspaces city wide, develop and manage urban forestry best practices and master plans.

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