Zoning Permit & Certificate of Appropriateness Application


The construction or installation of any residential or commercial building, addition, accessory structure, pool, fence, retaining wall, deck, driveway, parking lot, signage, or awning requires a zoning permit. The permit assures that the structure complies with the standards for the type of development according to the City of Covington Zoning Code. 

Zoning applications and relevant documents should be submitted to the Zoning & Development Specialist. Applications are either approved or denied by the Zoning & Development Specialist within two weeks. Denied applications can either be re-submitted with changes or appealed to the Board of Architectural Review and Development (BOARD) Application fees vary depending on type of construction. For info on the BOARD and the hearing application, click HERE.

Applications requires a to-scale site plan or drawing. Building permits are required for any structure that is proposed to be greater than 120 square feet and can be acquired from Planning and Development Services of Kenton County.

If the property is located within a historic preservation overlay, the proposed structure will first have to be reviewed by the Historic Preservation Officer to obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness prior to zoning review. The same application linked below, Zoning/COA Application, is the only application required to start the Certificate of Appropriateness review process.

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