Please see the following tax rates and instructions for paying all taxes due to the City of Covington. If you have any questions, please call the Finance Department at 859-292-2180.

Tax Due Date Fee/Rate Instructions/Description Info/Form
Title: Waste Fees (garbage bills) Due Date: Mar. 31 Fee/Rate: $152.52 per residential unit Instructions/Description: Covington households are provided with a City-issued, brown 95-gallon wheeled trash cart. All trash must be bagged and placed completely inside the cart. If you don’t have a City-issued cart, please contact Rumpke.  Residents with physical impairments or space constraints (lots with no yard or storage space) can discuss substitute 35 or 65 gallon cart sizes and disposal options with Rumpke by calling 1-800-828-8171 or e-mailing  All billing questions should be directed to the City of Covington Finance department @ 859-292-2180.  If you own commercial property, you will receive a bill directly from Rumpke. Form: View
Title: Taxi Cab Stickers Due Date: Jan. 30 Fee/Rate: $40 per sticker/cab Instructions/Description: It is the responsibility of all cab companies doing business in the City of Covington to issue Stickers to their drivers. Cab companies are required to provide the city finance department with the following: State of KY paperwork stating the number of cabs the company can drive in Covington; Proof of Liability insurance; $40 per sticker/cab. Once all this information has been provided, stickers are issued to the taxi company. No form is required. Payment must be received by the City Finance Department and cost is based on State paperwork, which must be presented at time of payment to finance clerk.
Title: Taxi Cab Driver Occupational License Due Date: Jan. 30 Fee/Rate: $40 per occupational license Instructions/Description: It is the responsibility of all cab drivers doing business in the City of Covington to obtain an occupational license. Cab drivers must provide a sticker number (obtained from the drivers employer),complete and application for license and remit $40 to the City's Finance Department. After processing the application, drivers can pick up their licenses at the Covington Police Station located at 1 Police Memorial Drive, Tuesday or Friday between 1-3 p.m. Form: View
Title: Property Tax Due Date: Oct. 15 Fee/Rate: 0.00327% of real estate value Instructions/Description: The City of Covington real estate tax rate is $0.327 per $100. Valuation is 100% of the value on real estate. Form: View
Title: Secondhand/Pawn Retailer License Due Date: Apr. 30 Fee/Rate: $150 per year Instructions/Description: No person shall engage in the business of junk dealer, precious metal dealer, scrap metal dealer, pawn shop or secondhand dealer or secondhand store,without first having secured all licenses required for the operation of such a business from the City of Covington Finance Department, including a Business Regulatory License and a Secondhand/Pawn Retailer License. The annual license fee is $150. Form: View
Title: Personal Property (aka Tangible Property) Due Date: Oct. 15 Fee/Rate: 0.00349% of all tangible property value Instructions/Description: The City of Covington personal property tax rate is $0.349 per $100. All qualified businesses are required to fill in a Personal Property Tax form and submit with their annual tax returns by May 15. All tangible or personal property tax information is processed by State Department of Revenue, then sent to Kenton County PVA offices for processing. Payment is due to the City by October 15. Please contact 859-392-1750 for more information. Form: View
Title: Occupational Fee & Business License Renewal Return (Net Profit Tax) Due Date: Apr. 15 Fee/Rate: 2.5% adjusted net income Instructions/Description: Every business entity and employer required to obtain an occupational license with the City shall file for the proceeding taxable year a Form OL-3. The Occupational License Tax is assessed at 2.5% of the net profits from business conducted in the city by a resident or non-resident business, or $50, whichever is greater. Form: View
Title: Municipal Premium Insurance Tax Due Date: quarterly Fee/Rate: 12% of first year premium Instructions/Description: Chapter 111.120 of the City Code of Ordinances states that each insurance company must pay a license fee for the privilege of engaging in the business of insurance within the corporate limits of the city for the calendar year 1985 and thereafter on a calendar year basis. All insurance companies doing business within City limits must submit this form with payment on a year-to-year quarterly basis. Please call 859-292-2180 with any questions. Form: View
Title: Inventory (aka Goods) in Transit Due Date: Sept. 30 Fee/Rate: based on inventory moved Instructions/Description: Inventory (aka Goods) in Transit is based on inventory moved out within six months. All qualified businesses required to fill in a Personal Property Tax Form will include this information. Processing of this tax is handled by Kenton County. Please contact 859.392.1750 for more information. Form: View
Title: Employers License Fee Withheld (Payroll Tax) Due Date: monthly or quarterly filing Fee/Rate: 2.45% on gross wages Instructions/Description: Every employer within the City that withholds payroll tax, is required to fill in this form. The employer is required to withhold 2.45% on all compensation paid to their employees and remit the amount withheld to the City. If company witholdings are over $450 per quarter, company is required to file monthly. Form: View
Title: Employers Annual Reconciliation of License Fees Withheld Due Date: Feb. 28 Fee/Rate: n/a Instructions/Description: Each employer shall, on or before February 28 of each year, complete and file this form for the purpose of reconciling employers' withholding tax remitted to the City. Form: View
Title: Alcoholic Beverage Renewal Due Date: June 30 Fee/Rate: flat fee Instructions/Description: Any business interested in selling alcoholic beverages within the City of Covington is required to obtain an Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) License from both the City and the state. This license registers the business to legally sell alcoholic beverages. The cost of the license depends on the type of business and type of alcohol sold. The review process takes up to 30-60 days and must be approved by both City and State ABC offices before the review can be completed. For questions, please contact the ABC Administrator at 859-292-2311. Form: View
Title: 2:30 a.m. Alcohol Permit Due Date: Jan. 15 Fee/Rate: flat fee, $5000 Instructions/Description: Properties not abutting a residential use in a residential zoning district are able to apply for this permit which allows for the sale of alcoholic beverages between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 2:30 a.m. The applicant must already be in possession of a valid Alcoholic Beverage License and a zoning permit certifying that the establishment is properly zoned for the extended hours permit, which must be submitted along with the application and payment. For first-time applications, the ABC Administrator schedules a hearing before the Covington ABC Board, who will make the final decision. The full review process takes up to 30 days from submission. The fee for this application is pro-rated according to the date of application. For questions please contact 859-292-2311. Form: View