In January 2019, the City of Covington retained Garner Economics, LLC to help create a citywide economic development strategy that takes into account the dynamics of the Covington market and propels the City into more high-value economic growth.

The Report, "FROM OPPORTUNITY TO ACTION", details the asset development, marketing, and organizational changes that the City, its economic development department, and its partners must make to reinvigorate the City and strengthen its competitive position as a business location. Implementation will help the City attract and retain businesses, create jobs and opportunities, and attract more talent to the area. It will also serve as a guide to regional organizations in support of Covington.

To view the From Opportunity to Action report, click HERE.


Part of the basis for the City’s strategy lies in understanding Covington’s competitive advantages and disadvantages when compared to the region, the state, and the nation. There are also communities with qualities and aspects that Covington aspires to emulate, replicate, or adapt and adopt. This report contains a wealth of data and comparisons which were critical to the development of the strategy.

To view the Competitive Realities Report for Covington, click HERE.